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During the golden era of Hollywood, numerous musicals were being made by MGM, Twentieth Century Fox, R.K.O. Radio, Columbia, Warner Brothers, Paramount and Universal Studios featuring their top stars and were grossing profits. As the popular movies were grossing millions in their own rented Theatres in the United States and territories in South and Central America and Mexico, in Europe and Asia.

That year was 1972 and Mr. Charlie See, the founder of Miss Bikini International, was busy organizing beauty contests or Pageants at one of the popular hotel called the Sheraton Universal in Hollywood and Universal City. Several magazines big and small publishers dealing with lifestyle activities and romance of the movie stars were successful as they were read by actors, actress, models, students and those who have big dreams and want to seek their fortunes and from these people, Charlie See was able to reach out to the beautiful and talented girls, students from schools and universities which abound in Southern California.

During the swimsuit competitions, Charlie See found that girls were daring enough to wear two pieces swimsuit. He realized that if he were to give prizes, trophies, titles and sashes and call the winners Miss Bikini International or Bikini Girl of the Year or Miss Bikini Queen, the contest would attract more competitors. He had protected the titles by registering the Trademarks of Miss Bikini and Miss Bikini Queen. Following the success of Miss All Nations which was approved by the US Patent Office and Trademark Office in Washington D.C. in 1965, Miss Globe, Miss Intercontinental and Festival of Beauty were registered as well.

It was not till 1966 that he was able to get the Flamingo Hotel in Las Vegas to sponsor Miss Queen of Queens of which 65 girls from around USA applied to compete. As he was a photographer by profession, he would always photograph all of the contestants himself. He even had before his camera Miss Raquel Welch, not knowing that she would one day be a top movie star.

He was paid for shows featuring the “Bikini” at Araneta Coliseum in Quezon City, Philippines before 33,000 people. They were mobbed in Taipei, did fashion shows in Hong Kong, Bangkok, Karachi, Omar Khayyam in Cairo, Westbury in London and the Royal Cavalier Hilton in Rome.

No matter where they went for their shows, the girls would get overwhelming applause in their bikini outfits in all the vibrant, fancy and daring colors with exciting appeal. The Miss Bikini fashion shows were a great success.

Miss Bikini International has come a long way. Besides USA, the Miss Bikini International has been organized six times in St. Petersburg, Moscow, Turkey and was organized three times in China, twice in Brazil, Greece, Ukraine, Mexico, and Albania.

In 2004, in the 5000 years history of China, Miss Bikini International was held jointly as part of the Miss Tourism Queen International 2004 on the top deck of a cruise ship where 54 countries competed for Miss Bikini International 2005 made possible by Mr. Alex Liu, Exclusive Resources Marketing Pte Ltd of Singapore and also the now the Miss Bikini International Contest’s International President.

In 2005 the Miss Bikini International was held in at the Frontiers Hotel, Las Vegas and Jolena Kwasow of Munich, Germany emerged the winner.

In 2006 the Miss Bikini International was held in Humen, China. The contestants travel to Zhuhai, Guangzhou, Wuxi and Foshan. The winner was Julia Liptokova from Slovak Republic.

The Miss Bikini International 2007 was held on 8th December 2007 in Shanghai, China. The contestants travel to Taiwan, Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and finally Shanghai. The winner was Lourdes Katherin Anez from Venezuela.

In 2010, Miss Bikini International grand finals was held in the beautiful Sanya, China. The contestants travelled from Beijing where they had their bikini photoshoot experience on top of the Great Wall Of China before they flew to Sanya. The Grand Finals was held in the Beauty Crown Stadium and the winner was Diana Irina Boanca from the Romania.

In 2011, Miss Bikini International world final was held in Qing Dao, China. 70 contestants from around the world took part and competed. The winner's crown went to Agnieszka Bozena Miszkiewicz from the Poland!